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Payment Process


Payments Without Limitations


Since starting the development for X-1FBO in 2016, we have earned a reputation as a uniquely suited source for technology in aviation. One of our primary goals has always been to provide modern payment and payment processing tools to the industry. That includes giving FBOs new ways to accept payments, new hardware to accept payments, and even new kinds of payments.

To that end, we have helped some industry players migrate payment technology. We specialize in complete authorization and settlement platforms, as well as mobile app development and customer portals. These features drive new levels of service while, giving customers the option to self-serve when the task is simple or drive revenue when the task is complex and your expertise is required.

The New Contract 

Fuel Advantage

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Reduce or eliminate paper fuel releases by taking advantage of digital fuel releases. Give your customer more tools to self-service when they want, and free up time to provide service when they need it.

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Authorize, and Settle transactions in real-time while managing customer credit. With a modern authorization and settlement platform, you can provide true credit management.

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Pay and track usage with modern apps and customer portals. Replace cards with apps that can make card management and replacement cycles a thing of the past.

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Leverage our experience and automation to focus more on the customers. With several payment engine projects completed or under development there are few organizations that understand the needs and wants of your program better.


Payment Engines

Modern Authorization & Settlement Platforms

Today’s closed-loop aviation payment systems are based on dated technology and held back by design that did not fully understand the general aviation space. We bring new technology, unprecedented automation, and unmatched experience to the process. This allows you to focus on customer service and less on credit management and process. In today's hyper-competitive market, we can make technology your strategic advantage, improve your offering, and lower your costs.

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Hardware and Software Payment solutions

The X-1FBO team has created an unprecedented set of tools to improve the speed and efficiency of general aviation transactions. The project spanned almost an entire year and brought together hardware, software, and IoT. We are bringing all-new capabilities to the industry.  X-1PAY introduces the automatic payment of FBO invoices and Statements, rugged hardware that can accept payment from remote ramps, and the game-changing ability of X-1PAY Direct Debit to add lower-cost bank transactions to the FBO.

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