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Several years ago, an FBO General Manager who started his career as a line guy and an entrepreneur with payment systems expertise were with their boys on a cub scout camping trip when they discussed the state of technology in the FBO business.  It was clear from that discussion that an opportunity existed to disrupt the status quo.  Over several more campouts and cub scout meetings, a plan came together.   The plan was to create a new solution for the FBO industry.

  • The system had to be Faster.  It had to be Innovative.  The system had to be Smarter.  It had to be great, cloud-based Technology.  

  • FBOs, Ground Handlers, and airports had to be able to run their businesses more efficiently and profitably.

  • Actionable information had to be available immediately.

  • Enabling great customer service from the office to the ramp was critical.

  • The system had to be easy to learn and easy to use.

  • Customer-first.  Indeed, X-1 products have been built out of the crucible of real-life experience.

  • They had to keep on innovating!

These principles and the idea that both of their experiences could help solve real-world problems led to the creation of GMSTEK and  X-1FBO.​

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